Get a Personalized Military Dog Tag

Customize it in-house at Carl’s Military Surplus

Carl’s Military surplus manufactures dog tags on-site for use in the military or as a civilian. We make stainless steel dog tags with all of your personal information on it in case of an emergency situation. Give us your information, and we’ll quickly produce a high quality tag that can get you out of a bind. Your dog tags will have information that includes:

• Your Last, First name
• Your DOD number
• Your Blood type
• Your religion

Dog tags are a necessary part of military life--—complete your ensemble with a quality dog tag by Carl’s Military Surplus!

Identify yourself in the event of an emergency

Identify yourself in the event of an emergency

If you’re in a military combat situation, your dog tag may just save your life. Carl’s Military Surplus
ensures that your blood type and medical history are displayed on your tag to make receiving medical care as easy as possible. Avoid a medical mishap by having us manufacture a stainless steel tag that is built to last.

Keep it close to you in any situation and rest assured knowing your essential information is displayed when you need it most. Come in to Carl’s Military Surplus to consult with our manufacturer today.